The National Debt: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
The national debt has long been portrayed as a burden we’re placing on future generations. John Oliver discusses how national debt works, why people are so concerned about it, and why it might be more helpful that you think.
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  • Robert Lee
    Robert Lee

    How can the sky sit there with a straight face saying this nonsense when the global economy is on the verge of collapse mark my words those worthless paper rectangles are only going to be good for starting fires and wiping your ass before the midterms in 2022. You should take as many loans as you can up to your limit and buy things like bullets and non-perishable food and if you live in a big city I feel sorry for you

  • Robert Lee
    Robert Lee

    What a bunch of nonsense, building factories would imply did we actually manufacture things still. When was the last time you bought something that said made in America? It's a Ponzi scheme and with Americans having a birth rate well below replacement rates means it's unsustainable without importing huge amounts of people at a rate that makes it impossible to assimilate. You keep telling yourself all that BS if you like but you're not going to convince me. I was born at night but it wasn't last night. The idea that a service economy is going to be our new engine of growth is a joke. Service jobs are low-paying low-skilled McJobs for teenagers, here in America all the jobs in the coming decades are going to be in two sectors IT and Healthcare so if you don't write code you'll be wiping Boomer butts. And one question for you mister I got all the answers where the hell are you from anyhow? Is that a Texas accent I hear or maybe from somewhere in New England area, no that's a Wall Street accent for sure. LMFAO

  • Gerhardus van wilgen
    Gerhardus van wilgen

    So those 74m still identify with the plantation based owners class?

  • Marcus Price
    Marcus Price

    I think it’s funny that at the end we are being told to not use children as pawns, yet we are expected to tolerate the likes of Greta Thunberg....

  • Matt Corriere
    Matt Corriere

    Wow. 8.5 minutes before calling Republicans racist. That must be some kind of record. If your argument includes calling people who you disagree with racist you don't have an argument.

    • Seth Britton
      Seth Britton

      .... You wanna tell me how Reagan's attempts to bring back redlining people based on their skin tone isn't in some way racist? Look champ, if the boot fits, the boot fits. Own up to how American culture has built itself on a firm foundation of artificially restricting people who are supposed to be your equals solely based on their skin tone or dress code. You can't deny that Reagan spouting off and using a racially loaded dog whistle to secure support for his policy plans is pretty glaring, and would need a lot of explaining to sidestep.

  • Edjumicated_ Gamer
    Edjumicated_ Gamer


  • Moon Magic
    Moon Magic

    The drop in interest isn't that wild, America has what is essentially the baseline currency for a huge portion of the globe. Besides, who the hell would force America to pay? And how?

  • sherparoyale

    Amazing how I could’ve predicted he’d support the debt. We have to pay debt back either through a surplus or taxes. And we’re spending way too much and have created a moral hazard in that “everything we spend on is ok”. We’re spending like we’ve won the lottery and as everyone knows, anyone who has won the lottery ends up bankrupt in the end.

    • Seth Britton
      Seth Britton

      Countries don't retire. They only function for as long as they keep currency flowing. They do that by cultivating resources, generating jobs and employment, maintaining crucial infrastructure and supporting its living population. The US is not going to ever be able to go into retirement- functionally, the US is a machine that we either maintain or watch fall apart, and we have to constantly tune the thing to keep it giving optimal growth and output for all participants. (Currently, the engine is not very well optimized because the current economic model is currently attempting to burn everything down for the profit of a few private citizens over the wellbeing of the country and world.

  • mattman100x

    John the Federal Reserve sets the interest rate at super low rates as a measure to protect financial instruments from having to pay too much out in interest. That's why we don't pay much on the federal deficit. This is a double edge sword, however. Because Interest Rates are so low, that makes borrowing easier. That creates a feedback loop that makes it easier to take on more debt. However, this also means that the Federal Reserve cannot increase interest rates. This is because if the interest rates were raised then payments on the debt, which is at disastrous levels, also rise. The reason why we can get away with this is that the USD is tied to petro, American financial institutions reign supreme, and that Western societies put up with this so that way our economy collapsing does not take out theirs. I would caution against continuing this path because we don't know what will happen if we continue to spend ourselves into oblivion. Yes I agree spending to create is good but we've been doing that for so long (or at least 'attempted' too with voodoo supply-side Reaganomics) that we need to figure out and pay our debts. We don't know what will happen if other countries get tired of our antics and decide to punish us by demanding their money back. We don't know what the economic fallout will be when we tell them no. Holding large amounts of debt is almost never good for anybody ever.

  • R

    When John Oliver is telling you not to worry about the national debt, you should be very worried about the national debt 😂 This guy is clearly taking crazy pills

  • zijuiy wttuy
    zijuiy wttuy

    was convinced the rhyme was going to be “I do not like him in these wreathes, I do not like him when he breathes”

  • nopetanker

    As much as I like John Oliver on many issues, economics isn't one. If you want to learn and truly understand how debt-based economics works and how it always leads to a bigger disaster, learn Austrian economics. Read up on monetary history, government spending, and especially the Federal Reserve on how they're printing money to finance US debt.

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith

    What happens if inflation sets in and we are required to raise interest rates to combat rising inflation?

  • Carl Williams
    Carl Williams

    This show used to be amazing. The jokes the first time around were really fucking good. The extent that they helped explain problems in the country with as tiny amount of political bias as they were capable of doing (for being as neo-lib as they are) helped alot of people i guess at minimum recite talking points. Thow now still has the ability to do this but its just at the cost of cringe and recylced bits. Theres maybe 3-4 types of jokes they use just over and over again. "oh wow found this item on the internet" describes it in more detail "cause guess what.. i have it! I have the funny item!! Look at me!! Im so sporadic". I'm just going to watch the rest of the episode i bet ill be able to find the same 3 setups and deliveries im talking about. Fuck i just want to watch the episode again. Off the top of my head these are the jokes: 2) something happens in a clip they show, John Oliver stares at camera only to say with zero emotion "sick" 3) long long over exaggerated version of what could have happened where john oliver gets more and more emotionally involved as the story goes on you finally look up 3 or 4 minutes has gone by. Was it to fill time? was it just laziness that the writers dont want to come up with any new concept that they dont have to make a joke based on the actual substance of what theyre talking about? Idk - Example: Melania fixing car in the rain bit 4) Using slang that communities that are usually opressed use "slay queen!" 5) talking about internet trends he clearly has no idea about and u can tell by howout of touch he seems The shows not inherently bad, its just so try hard while simultaneously not trying anything new at all. Just classic liberal cringe.

  • BollocksBonnaroo

    "We didn't become Greece" M8 did you see our capital in January? Our cities in the summer? The deficit was not the only factor but giving a trillion dollars a day to wall street while Americans starved and continue to wait in soviet style bread lines absolutely played a part.

  • Emma Taylor
    Emma Taylor


  • Catalin Momirleanu
    Catalin Momirleanu

    Interes rates are controlled by the central banks. Wtf?

  • Ener Dee
    Ener Dee

    Well well well well well well well well well, Hodlgang Hodlgang Hodlgang Who looking dumb now?

  • Mr. Fancypants
    Mr. Fancypants

    16:12 is the best part. "Interest rates have fallen to historic is the reason for that? Well...I don't know!" Hmm. What's the debt payment on $28T at 4, 5, 6%? I think we're going to have zero rates forever.

  • Clark Watson
    Clark Watson

    This morron is such a White Supremacist from England

  • ryan williams
    ryan williams

    “Money is a new form of slavery, and distinguishable from the old simply by the fact that it is impersonal - that there is no human relation between master and slave” - Leo Tolstoy You're wrong John.

  • TechGoggles

    They dont know... meh

  • Percy Forsyth
    Percy Forsyth

    Don’t get the dig on Elon. You actually start by recognizing that Tesla would never have survived without debt. And now they are building factories all over the world. Employing 10s of thousands of people. And are profitable. A success story if there ever was one. Elon is playful, and sometimes rash, please for god’s sake let him do that. He is literally putting people into space, and if you follow the news, probably to the moon as well. A little fun, a little indulgence, is not too much to ask.

  • Laurent Pelletier
    Laurent Pelletier

    Debt is dumb, cash is king.

  • Michele Vick
    Michele Vick

    Holy shit this pinko is gonna get y’all killed. Lol

  • Laurent Pelletier
    Laurent Pelletier

    Reagan is a mystery to me. He was an awful president that increased the debt, gave amnesty to millions of illegals, destroyed the value of the dollar, and the list goes on, but everyone seems to think he was walking on water. He was one of the worst republican president, and yet, all the republicans are revering him as a God. If he was alive today and would run for election promising to do what he did, he would be accused of being part of the extreme left branch of the democratic party. Go figure.

    • energizedbones

      Obama increased the surveillance state, continued the “war on terror”, pushed identity politics to the forefront and who can forget turning Libya into a failed state? Yet he’s revered by many. The answer is both of these guys were likable and told people what they wanted to hear. No one gives a shit as long as you’re able to sweet talk them into things. Plus, Reagan and Obama both did good things for the nation as well. So that can’t hurt.

  • G T
    G T

    This creepy guy is such a fraud...

  • David Alejandro Preciado Conde
    David Alejandro Preciado Conde

    😂😂😂 gran consejo. 4:34 Ve a decirle a un adulto. A uno que no esté disfrazado.

  • Zarcon


  • brerabbit

    and... Biden is Building the Trump Wall and seizing homes to do it ! Enjoy.

  • Nuby

    16:30 Interest rates on the debt declined because the Fed cut the interest rates to zero. This is going to create an everything bubble and cause a collapse harder than ever. It'll happen within five years. Look up Austrian School of Economics.

  • Nuby

    Deficits are, and always will be, a spending problem. Taxing people to death to buy votes would never solve this. Tax cuts benefitted the rich because they are one's who pay the most taxes. Top 1% pays 40% of all income taxes.

  • Nuby

    American National debt predominantly consists of consumer debt, i.e living big now at future's expense. Even investment debt by default isn't great unless the returns are guaranteed to be high later. The govt always invests in the most politically feasible option instead of the more productive.

  • GrößenwAhnsinniger 8:0
    GrößenwAhnsinniger 8:0

    This video was not about debt, it was about democrats good, republicans bad. Usual John Oliver

    • Seth Britton
      Seth Britton

      If the people who rule the Tepiblican party would like to stop making that conclusion so easily reached, I would be thrilled, because the Democrats have made it obvious that they're not much better stewards of our world.

  • seiom jvony
    seiom jvony

    When we all get excited when he starts reciting a Ted Cruz poem :D

  • John Stibal
    John Stibal

    One thing is certain, aside from death and taxes and that is that the US Federal Reserve will NEVER run out of dollars.

  • Stephen Klein
    Stephen Klein

    Why would a country that makes its own money need to borrow money from another country?

  • Brock Lee
    Brock Lee


  • Robert Norvell
    Robert Norvell

    This is fiscal idiocy. Business debt is about buying assets that create more income. Social programs aren't income producing assets. I'm not suggesting they're all bad, but him pretending they lead to economic nirvana is disengenuous at best. And you could CONFISCATE all the wealth of the richest Americans and not cover the yearly deficit, let alone decrease the debt. And you can only confiscate once. Then it's all gone. Tax increases won't solve the problem. That's just a dividing tactic. Reducing spending is the ONLY long term solution.

    • Seth Britton
      Seth Britton

      The rich people, who have made it so that they get a tax refund, such as Amazon, all seem to think Socialism is great for them... I mean, they're working quite well off of our backs, aren't they?

    • Seth Britton
      Seth Britton

      Sure. I Totally believe you. Maybe you could explain why, when America taxed rich people more and invested in social security nets for the not wealthy, like infrastructure and social security led to a massive economic boom and growth year over year? Growth that led to an entire generation having jobs in such abundance that they could write tv shows about people casually picking them up and discarding them like paper napkins, or thinking about taking a part time job to afford some college level education? Any reason why you're wanting us to ignore the evidence of history and rely on your fairytales?

  • Scotts Barbarossa Logic
    Scotts Barbarossa Logic

    Prediction (I have not watched the video yet): The National Debt is a boogieman that Republicans use when Democrats are in power, but the curiously do nothing to actually deal with when when they are in power

  • Matthew Ellison
    Matthew Ellison

    Bad economic advice. You dumb

  • stealthhumor

    On September 10, 2001, Donald Rumsfeld announced that the Pentagon had $2.3 trillion in unaccounted expenses. My guess is that the money constitutes the “black budget.” After 9/11, Congress increased the military budget by another $50 billion. According to a South Carolina (I think) research team, Rumsfeld forgot to mention that the Pentagon has over $2 trillion in unaccounted funds every year.

  • abdulla Leka
    abdulla Leka

    This guy is such a hack. This video is gonna make no sense in a year

  • David Carpenter
    David Carpenter

    John--I know you drop the f-bomb a lot; I get it; I say it myself. We're adults. But that segment at the end, where you have a child say it--we don't need that ("Grow the f*** up"). You can make your point without it.

  • Charlie Bless
    Charlie Bless

    Gotta love these Republican hypocrites who only care about the national debt when Democrats are in power. They weren't that worried about it when Trump added almost 8 trillion to the debt in only 4 years of his disastrous administration.

  • John Dyer
    John Dyer

    I just paid off my debts and now investing. Might as well profit from this mess.

  • Abdulai Bah
    Abdulai Bah

    In America comedians make more sense than politicians.

  • John Keith
    John Keith

    If Republicans don't like adding to the national debt, then why did they give away 3 trillion dollars to the wealthy in 2017?

  • Frederick Lawson
    Frederick Lawson

    Great episode I wish the PSA at the end was FCC legal.

  • Sumgai

    Uh, what you're saying is that debt's ok if you use it to produce assets. Would be great if the US was a net asset producer. Problem is when you build bridges and roads in the US, you're producing a way for goods to move from one place to another........and the goods aren't assets because they're bought from other countries, to be consumed by US citizens. And improving healthcare just means you're prolonging the lives of consumers. So all you're doing is to borrow money to make stuff that makes it easier for other people to borrow more money. Unless people are making stuff and selling stuff more than they consume, your argument doesn't really hold much water.

  • Ady Yok
    Ady Yok

    Haramdag's new order: All women in Turkmenistan must wear white panties and bras. The local police officer has to check them once a week. If they find underwear of a different color, then they have the right to fine them 200 manats or sleep with them. Author: Hichkim

  • Daniel Campbell
    Daniel Campbell

    "about 3 pages on your notes app" - I don't get it.

  • Luredreier

    Nice video. =) And yeah, spending the money right works. At least it has done so far here in Norway. =)

  • Sir Jon Smith III
    Sir Jon Smith III

    There is a debt crisis. It is called corps not paying their fair share due to loop holes and people like tRump.

    • wax

      @Seth Britton true

    • Seth Britton
      Seth Britton

      @wax No, corporate ruled America's goal is to exploit. Get the greedy monsters as far away from actual power as possible, and the country will remember to serve her citizens, because the heartless will be away from the controls.

    • wax

      You realize the government would just spend that money killing brown people overseas... the governments goal is too exploit, you don't want to give them more than they already have.

  • Social Liability
    Social Liability

    Shooting b-roll for ol' girl strolling down the street has got to be the most interesting 12-hour workday of boring take-after-take-after-cutbacktoone-after-cutbacktoone experience that I've ever had the pleasure of absolutely demolishing the craft tables during that shift. There, is that witty enough or do I need to show you and hold your hand, too? Insipid and vapid, that one was.

  • Rob Floyd
    Rob Floyd

    This is one of the most ridiculously ludicrous videos I have ever watched. Every week this show is a case study in one-sided argumentation. He consistently and completely ignores any fact that contradicts his secular progressive narratives. Laughable. And sadly not even funny anymore.

    • Seth Britton
      Seth Britton

      Hell, Conservatives have regressed away from even doing infrastructure upkeep, and that's the boneheaded basics of making a country functional.

    • Seth Britton
      Seth Britton

      Yu-huh. Please point to a success story from Conservative ideologies. Please tell me why my tax money is only sensibly spent when it is shoved into the pockets of the already wealthy, torturing migrant children (to line the purses of private prison owners), murdering foreign children (to line the pockets of weapon manufacturers), or torturing our poor people to death from stress and heartache (to line the pockets of the predator economy.) Seriously, I would much rather live in a world where starvation, ignorance, and suffering were unheard of, and we damn well have it within our reach, rather than pointlessly and cruelly torturing and murdering innocent people for the profits of a depraved few.

  • Richard Nunziata
    Richard Nunziata

    The evangelical GOP are hypocrites and more interested in personal power then helping the American people. The religious right will rape this country and leave it broken and dying.

  • P

    First time that i find they have sold off. What's the lesson? More debt is good? Only the last 5' made some sense. Maybe it's time we stop burning piles on money on weapons.

  • Joe Brosnan
    Joe Brosnan

    I clicked this thinking "Surely there is NO way this typical biased mouthpiece could make skyrocketing debt into "a GOOD thing". Was wrong. Is it too much to ask that some of these folks judge the negative/positive spin they're going to take, off of the actual topic, rather than which party is in office at the moment?

    • Seth Britton
      Seth Britton

      How to reverse that debt. Stop wasting it on torturing and murdering people. Remove private industries and the industrialists who run them from the seat of power. Tax the petulant tantrum throwers enough to maintain a steady flow of income, to be reinvested into infrastructure we actually need, along with protecting our citizens from worthless debt slavery. Maybe we could afford to take care of ourselves if we didn't have thoughtlessly cruel business heads deliberately setting us up for lose lose propositions where they profit off of our collective misery. I'm serious- stop making misery profitable, directly remove the profit junkies from the controls and reinvest in the wellbeing of our infrastructure and people. You'll see a profitable and thriving America within ten years.

  • LoL LOL
    LoL LOL

    could they just skip the ,,funny" parts?! I always skip them, because they are sooo cringe. ,,Funny tv man talking about stuff" is actually better at talking about stuff, than being funny...

  • sokin jon
    sokin jon

    then just kinda pretended a bunch of people calling themselves economists knew how it worked.

  • Himanshu Parmar
    Himanshu Parmar

    What is Ophisticated?

  • Danny Beane
    Danny Beane

    Well I mean we did have Greece like riots, but that was because police and people thought it was ok to gun down and suffocate unarmed black people to death.

  • turnerdcentury

    I love this show

  • solid244

    The Impossible Mission Force is giving press conferences now?!

  • Dave Wright
    Dave Wright

    If you are in debt and all you do is work to pay off the debt...which is what millions of Americans sure sounds like at a minimum being in bondage. Hello!

  • Dimitris Gotsis
    Dimitris Gotsis

    Hello from Greece. What has happened here is MUCH WORSE than just riots.

  • barca fan
    barca fan

    Jon thought me a lesson about virtue🤣

  • Jay Chong
    Jay Chong

    Oh, it would be so cool if China owned US

  • S K
    S K

    to qoute Billy Joel, ´´we didn´t start the fire!´´. this coming from a dutchy.

  • remy theroute
    remy theroute

    Bring back Slavery,that free labor should help.

  • Olivia Codjie
    Olivia Codjie

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate John Oliver's rhyming skills? I mean, he needs to write a poem book.

  • 3ehahn

    Amazing, a comedian from England explains US debt economics more clearly than any news program, politician or professor in the U.S. Do we need honest pubic service announcements to educate voters? Or would that be propaganda?

  • ìFåГt Mägîç
    ìFåГt Mägîç

    13:07 Considering making this my ring tone. Edit: 21:04 And my new background is...

  • Ezor

    This is actually a pretty good summary of what is wrong (or not) with debts. I'd like to emphasize some points - a state is public (call me captain Obvious) so we should not apply on it what we consider good for a private society or family. It's ok to have deficit and debts for a state so long that this money is used is real economy to make private actors richer/better and help them live in a better country - not a cents from taxes are used to fill the debts. Taxes are used to invest, and states deal with debts by making other loans. It could seem crap but it work pretty well since more than 50 years - what happen in Greece is just that investors didn't want to loan then money. But investors trust the USA so you'll not have the same problem. Actually investors WANT to loan money to the US cause it's one of the safest investments ever. - creating money doesn't not lead to inflation. Of a politician told you so, he is either a liar or a dumb economist (probably both)

  • stbagn

    Higher interest older debt got paid off with refinanced lower interest new debt so that payments got lower... people do this all the time with mortgages... this isn’t exactly rocket science. Now let’s hope interests keep going down and economic growth outpaces borrowed interests I suppose...

  • Angiki

    No one knows how the economy works because the only way an economy can work is by everyone agreeing to pretend that it makes sense.

  • Arno Remane
    Arno Remane

    jeff bezos spends his free time looking at hbo's shopping history to guess the jokes in advance

  • Wulf Mountain Path
    Wulf Mountain Path

    Calling Social Security with the blanket term 'entitlement'.. Really? I played my whole life for the tiny almost unlivable amount I now get back of it.. Less per month than I played every 2 months. So guess it will be a entitlement.. For those who live past 105 years old.. Point is.. Entitlement is their derogatory label.. Not accurate...

  • Fernando Navarro
    Fernando Navarro

    I thought for a min that Oliver was advocating to reduce debt, but no, he just wants to increase debt on things he believes are good. Socialism at its finest.

  • Rodney Milner
    Rodney Milner

    20:47 Is that Elon Musk?

  • Rodney Milner
    Rodney Milner

    Ironically, it seems like the number one way to screw over future generations with national debt is to elect a Republican, either to the White House, Congress, or both...

  • Rodney Milner
    Rodney Milner

    17:44 Since I brought up Japan in my previous comment, that shows another pitfall in that Fox News segment from 2011: due to the fact that inflation has been meager in Japan since around the late '90s (and, as I said, Japan's economy has even grappled with deflation at points), Japan de facto had a zero interest rate policy on the part of the Bank of Japan (roughly Japan's equivalent to the Federal Reserve here in the United States) from 1999 to 2006. In fact, Japan had points in the 2000s where its interest rates were actually NEGATIVE. And for the record, while the BoJ did abolish the zero interest rate policy in 2006, it did basically return to it after the Great Recession... It should also be noted that Japan has the world's highest debt-to-GDP ratio as well, one even higher than that of Greece, which is why former Prime Minister Naoto Kan, after he took office in 2010, called it "urgent" (and of course, due to Japan's anemic economic growth, successive Japanese governments spent so much money trying to boost growth in the '90s and 2000s, particularly with public works programs such as erosion control and the building of tetrapods after Ryutaro Hashimoto took office in 1996). Of course, ever since Kan made that warning in 2010, Japan's national debt only exploded further soon afterward, as the triple disaster hit the country in early 2011 and spending had to be done for relief efforts.

  • Rodney Milner
    Rodney Milner

    16:49 In all honesty, as someone who is quite politically opinionated myself (and I'm a political science major at my college), I just don't understand economics and it was a subject I struggled with in high school. I think to me, one of the strangest things about economics (and often interest rates tie into this, see Paul Volcker's leadership as Chairman of the Federal Reserve when he raised them in the early '80s during Ronald Reagan's tax cuts, all to reduce it) is inflation. Japan, since the '90s (when the Lost Decade began for the country), has had numerous periods of very low inflation if not DEFLATION (meaning prices decrease, and the current economic fallout from the coronavirus has put Japan in another deflationary situation) all while its economy has been officially stagnant, yet Argentina had been struggling with economic problems even prior to COVID-19, starting around 2018, and what was key in making the previous Argentine president, Mauricio Macri, become Argentina's first-ever president in its democratic history be voted out in 2019 was the fact that Argentina has had mega-high inflation rates-sometimes topping 50%. (When Argentina was officially in a depression from 1998 to 2002, the inflation rates were even worse) Argentina's economic problems have also led to contractions in the country's gross domestic product, but I just find it so odd that Japan and Argentina have had simultaneous economic problems and yet their inflation rates are clear polar opposites (or, in Japan's case, arguably the lack thereof).

  • D C
    D C

    Oliver is such a fool.

  • Rodney Milner
    Rodney Milner

    15:25 Since Fox News is obviously a right-wing "news" source it's no surprise they did that in 2011, after all, so much of conservatism relies on fear... That's honestly one reason I'm not conservative, I don't get the point of fear being in politics...

  • Rodney Milner
    Rodney Milner

    13:24 Any man who goes to Cancun while his state is having a power outage crisis can go fuck himself. We also shouldn't forget he and Josh Hawley basically have strongly defended the Capitol insurrectionists from January 6.

  • Rodney Milner
    Rodney Milner

    11:35 Sounds like when Republicans blame Barack Obama for a slow economic recovery, they should start looking inwards...

  • Rodney Milner
    Rodney Milner

    8:07 Now I see where Nancy got "just say no" from...

  • Ashutosh Singh
    Ashutosh Singh

    dept trap is good for developing nation not for developed nation like america its very simple i watched that IMF guys video , oliver team alter that video

  • Kevin Zachary Walker
    Kevin Zachary Walker

    The Government is very disappointed, because last time John Oliver made a video like that (called "Debt Buyers"), John Oliver paid people's debt off. However this time he didn't paid of the national debt. The old and the orange (President Trump and President Biden) are very disappointed of disappointed.

  • いつのまにか

    Eliminate all branches of the military except for the national guard, stop funneling money to terrorist organizations and puppet dictatorships, fire 80% of the DoD, abolish the CIA. Easy.

  • James DeBall
    James DeBall

    Our government really does spend far too much money. And so much of it is wasted or simply “disappears”. We will never hold the politicians accountable because we’re too divided amongst ourselves. The elites get wealthy and remain in power and the other 99% of us are arguing about our opinions on guns, abortions, and trans kids.

  • Renjie Cai
    Renjie Cai

    Actually, US can borrow (or print) any much money as they want. The inflation is exported to all other countries of the world. Or more likely, the rest of the world is feeding United States of America. Greece failed because they don't have a global army, they can't use such force to "convince" other countries to feed them.

  • Greg RN
    Greg RN

    John Oliver is an idiot... "being in debt isn't like being enslaved" ...... IT IS LITERALLY FINANCIAL ENSLAVEMENT

  • TheRegret

    man i thought i hated reagan for not switching to the metric system and "trickle down economy" but now i understand why i hate him more. also it feels like we're at a point where the people who own banks and the majority of money don't understand where their worth comes from, thus the reason of the lower interest rates because they dont know how to balance for assets. also also when do we get to post WWI germany where a loaf of bread requires a wheel barrel of money... or venezuela today.

  • Scriptease123

    Every one of those GOP creeps supported Trump's trillions in tax cuts for billionaires and corporations.

  • jjj

    Can’t we just print 28 trillion dollars to pay it off?

  • Rick Abboud
    Rick Abboud

    Borrowing to build factories creates jobs, but our national debt just grows. Is it a fair comparison? John Oliver your just a fake pr man for someone... name he/her it. Also, you’re not funny

  • aylmer666

    wow - and I came into this expecting Oliver would have finally found a topic with a sensible take on. Wrong.