Meatpacking: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
The pandemic has thrown into high relief some of the longstanding issues surrounding working conditions in meatpacking facilities. John Oliver explains why greater oversight is needed, and how we can go about getting it.
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  • dondoron

    The situation is similiar here in Germany and Austria. To circumvent the work safety rules, the factory workers are sub sub contractors mostly from Eastern Europe.

  • mizzury54

    So I wonder if things would change if "Americans " took these jobs.

  • Alison Loy
    Alison Loy

    There was a great reason why we didn't allow industry monopolies. Our politicians and their pets are factory farming animals, workers and NOW OUR ELDERS!

  • Bertrand Zerpersande
    Bertrand Zerpersande

    I don’t see anything wrong with betting on a number. The lottery does it. Sports bets involve two numbers. As long as they weren’t doing anything to try to manipulate the number, other than ‘downward as much as possible’, what’s the big deal? Not giving adequate breaks? THERE’S your problem!

  • ShadoeLandman

    Cluckingham Palace. Now that’s 😄

  • 2Stonefly

    12:54 KAREN'S Karens"s everywhere!!! Run and hide. Karen has overtaken Tyson!!! .

  • 2Stonefly

    My Mom, at 16 year old, worked in a chicken processing factory back in the 1960's. To this day, she still hates eating chicken.

  • Justin Hopkins
    Justin Hopkins

    We can thank Republicans for the poor treatment of workers.

  • Jimmy Webb
    Jimmy Webb

    I don't buy Tyson anything because it's low grade. I had no idea they treat their workers like chickens too.

  • Harpastan Man
    Harpastan Man

    Are the 5 thousand thumbs downs just company owners getting mad at the facts slapping them in the face? Selfish greedy fucks.

  • Bellesativa

    Going Keto, you eat more meat fat which is more filling, less lean meat, less processed meat, spend less money on meat so you can afford to buy organic meats from local ranchers you know and trust, and lose weight without going hungry.

  • Dean Pruitt
    Dean Pruitt

    No one wants to talk about how there’s only enough beef to supply 60% of what we’re eating there’s not enough beef on this planet to support the United States so 40% of your burger is a protein substance filler what is the filler do you know McDonald’s has their scientists who genetically make their meat taste good and add flavor they admit this what’s the flavor human DNA cow do you neither growing proteins Slery but from who and from what

  • ria mathenmathai
    ria mathenmathai

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  • Hazel

    Even longer term solution: End the meat industry altogether. The future is plant-based.

    • Lisa Johnson
      Lisa Johnson


  • Rikki Slonce
    Rikki Slonce

    It's stuff like this that makes me feel ashamed to be called an American. I really hope I die in another country so I don't have to make my family visit America to see me.

  • dirtbag1713

    Sad thing is this is how it goes at any company with divided corporate and physical labor. Send the desk jockeys on 10 vacations a year while the people on the line can't take 1 sick day.

  • Liberty Springs
    Liberty Springs

    Well, still better than factories in China🤷

  • Over Toasted
    Over Toasted

    Simple: stop eating meat.

  • Sina Roughani
    Sina Roughani

    So, you're saying go vegan, but your sponsors aren't letting you because they're complicit?

  • taehoon oh
    taehoon oh

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  • Stragos Slizenberg
    Stragos Slizenberg

    I was expecting the 3rd most important thing to be Adam Driver

  • Bryan Torresdey
    Bryan Torresdey

    Just Go Vegan

  • Dimitar Dimitrov
    Dimitar Dimitrov

    No context given on the number of employees at the factories. How do we know the % of employees contracting the & dying from the virus is more than the average for the state/country? It's numbers taken out of context.

    • Dimitar Dimitrov
      Dimitar Dimitrov

      @Vaya Notaro but that's how he framed it. I want to make that conclusion on my own. I'm not saying the video is a scam, just that it could be presented a bit more independent manner

    • Vaya Notaro
      Vaya Notaro

      well I feel like the fact that they're all in close proximity to each other, with no bathroom breaks, and what seems like an already unhygienic workplace- could result to something over the national average

  • Kaiannanthi

    These plants are also in 'right to work' states which actively discourage any union ideation.

  • Smunstu Stinkymonster
    Smunstu Stinkymonster

    It occurs to me that America is self-destructing... we need to spend money to solve problems but trust in the government is so low we dont really feel confident trusting them with the money.

  • Teresa Kusic
    Teresa Kusic

    The fuck happened to Teddy Roosevelt's laws for worker safety and such in the meat packing industry. It was bad then too. He reformed laws and created laws because body parts and such were found in meat packages etc. He did this after reading "The Jungle" by Upton Sinclair.. The fuck happened?

  • Helixdragon

    Chinees company's own some of these?

  • ak0e

    It's sad that America's meat is owned by China and Brazil..

  • Anduin

    Friendly reminder that every single problem John listed in this video is caused by metastasized capitalism.

  • buffalo bill
    buffalo bill

    John Oliver a twat

  • Carole Trapp
    Carole Trapp

    It does not surprise me and yet the poor earning repub thinks this is fine. If people, who can, would quit voting for corporation control this could be stopped.

  • Damian Allen
    Damian Allen

    Slavery truly is worse now than ever before in this country.

  • Mary Delbonis
    Mary Delbonis

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  • Mr Random
    Mr Random

    Whew, thank god I live in Finland! No offence Americans, but we have decent working conditions in comparison.

  • Lady Luna Grimm
    Lady Luna Grimm

    I refuse to buy Tyson anything its gross!! PERIOD.

  • DeRosset Myers
    DeRosset Myers

    It's a little hard for me to feel sorry for people who work in animal agriculture, but something really needs to be done about the higher-ups who treat their floor workers so disposably. Shutting slaughterhouses and meat packing plants down and forcing their owners to change industries sounds like a good place to start.

  • Celina Skailand
    Celina Skailand

    When they don’t care about the lives and well-being of animals, why would they care about the well-being of humans?

  • Mojo Joji
    Mojo Joji

    I had to work with a broken hand....I’m a security guard...

  • Erik Schminke
    Erik Schminke

    JBS's * REVENUE* was 50 Billion... revenue is not profit Their profit was roughly .2% of their revenue

  • alex aruba
    alex aruba

    I think the true problem I'm America is most people rely on other people to survive. This is why I moved to a bigger property with the main purpose to homestead. Growing and raising your own food is something 99% of people don't want to do. Give a man a fish and they eat for one day teach them how to fish and they can eat forever. Stop blaming others for issues we can solve by not purchasing corporate products.

  • Botto Jonsey
    Botto Jonsey

    John knows about meat packing

  • Dr. Simple Beauty 300
    Dr. Simple Beauty 300

    That Zimmerman auctioning the gun story is more disgusting than the man peeing on the floor.

  • Clalala Tayag
    Clalala Tayag

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  • Thomas Remme
    Thomas Remme

    Yet another episode of OMFG I am so glad I don't live in the US... *sigh*

  • Zachary Lindahl
    Zachary Lindahl

    Yay capitalism 🚩

  • TTS S
    TTS S

    What is this man talking about? He missed his meds for weeks, it appears...

  • Cleolx0 Brennannh51
    Cleolx0 Brennannh51

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  • Shota Toriumi
    Shota Toriumi

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  • Yuca Fries
    Yuca Fries

    When did John Oliver become unfunny

  • Tierra Petersen
    Tierra Petersen

    The meatpacking industry sounds horrible, but it's not just the meatpacking industry. It's corporate. I've had jobs where is we were busy there were no breaks. I got written up for going to the bathroom twice, while customers were waiting. I've seen people get fired because they got an injury. But I'm pretty sure the meatpackers have it worse since they are being taken advantage of if they are immigrants. But anyone that's ever worked a line knows you can't leave to piss, so it really is not surprising to me that people would were diapers, no joke, I've thought about it. People are being treated like machines in every low-level corporate job and people are treated as disposable, especially in rural places where work is hard to find.

  • Ja Ja DingDong
    Ja Ja DingDong

    This show has really gone down hill

  • CallMe Batman
    CallMe Batman

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  • Israfel El elyon
    Israfel El elyon

    Treat me like a vibrator

  • jocodabest

    Go vegan.

  • ChopStickSoSushi

    Wow I've grown up with the understanding that Oshia was basicly the Law and even misleading an investigator would get your company fined or shut down

  • Follow the white rabbit
    Follow the white rabbit

    But tbh, stop buying a chicken for a few dollars. What do you expect... I cant even raise a egg to a hatchling for the price you pay for a full chicken,

  • Ebenezer Sam
    Ebenezer Sam

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  • MvD

    I've read about a foot down the list of comments; so far, no mention of meatless Mondays. We live in Pottersville (It's a Wonderful Life) and a grubby bunch of "garlic eaters" the lot of us. Capitalists depend on a docile, easily-duped populace devoid of any capacity or desire to act rationally. George Bush the afterthought confirmed this serf-building sentiment in his first State of the Union address: "Get down to Disney World in Florida," he said. "Take your families and enjoy life, the way we want it to be enjoyed." Notice he specifically doesn't say the way YOU want it to be enjoyed, which reasonably might be expected to be with a lot less meat.

  • John Schmidt
    John Schmidt

    We need a sequel to Sinclair’s, “The Jungle.”

  • Sshh Quiet
    Sshh Quiet

    It sounds like slave labor. What is needed perhaps is a revision to the Emancipation Proclamation and Append Amendments to it that state things like 1) minimum wage PLUS danger money to at least $20 per hour; 2) Workplace safety standards and breaks consistent with a civilized industrial country like the U.S.; and 3) To get rid of shambolic contractual sign-offs that essentially destroy your health, block your legal rights to compensation and even death benefits; and essentially create a violently hostile dangerous workplace environment.

  • Roy Rogers
    Roy Rogers

    The border is extremely important to these companies bottom line

  • Aden Anthony
    Aden Anthony

    I am friends with related to many plant workers. Oil companies are just as bad. in no way does the plant give a fuck about anybody there, they have had covid shut downs and lockdowns, people getting covid all the fuckin time it's ridiculous.

  • hinsonian

    there's a book called Slaughterhouse, 2006, that covers all this. PLEASE READ. Not new, need new laws to protect people AND ANINALS. Torture is a crime

  • Logan Ahern
    Logan Ahern

    Love that they always find some funny video to go along with their sad story

  • Kfroguar

    I'm sorry but I am still so confused about what a violent gerbil attack has to do with TV dinners. I legitimately do not understand the connection they're trying to make

  • SilverXT

    @LastWeekTonight I need a clean version so I can show this to my students! We're learning about the industrial revolution and they need to see this! but robot fucking a soup.. can't show that.. :'(

    • Vaya Notaro
      Vaya Notaro

      Skip ahead on those parts

  • DJ I Love Music
    DJ I Love Music

    Im just glad he finally quit talking about Trump man that was exhausting and I genuinely like the show

  • hawaiisunfun

    go vegan - we don't need this video! Fire the companies with the workers

  • Carlos Spicyweiner
    Carlos Spicyweiner

    How can people not see that capitalism is beyond disgusting now? ... it's putrid.

  • Mindset Club
    Mindset Club

    That's why folks change your mindset and change your goals in life. Nobody deserves to undergo these kind of work enveironment that is modern day slavery. Fall down 7 times but stand up 8..

  • Mindset Club
    Mindset Club

    Makes you wonder who is better off the chickens or the employees?

  • Pete Hay
    Pete Hay

    just another bullshit hit piece attacking the meat industry paid for by PETA....

  • Jen Gilbert
    Jen Gilbert

    Processing 35+ chickens per min seems like an excellent way to spread antibiotic resistant campylobacter

  • WingsWithFeet

    How about more unions instead of more regulations. Regulations are needed and useful, but don't be surprised when the OSHA can't properly protect workers, the government will always lean towards the interests of companies. We need to empower the workers!!!

  • Jeffrey Butts
    Jeffrey Butts

    This guy probably eats meat. Go vegan to take some personal responsibility.

    • Vaya Notaro
      Vaya Notaro

      your last name is butts

  • Brandon Oliver
    Brandon Oliver

    I work for JBS and this is honestly the way we're treated. We're told family comes first and btw we're your only family. The virus keeps cropping up in our facility and they refuse to admit that it is in our facility.

  • Luna GEM
    Luna GEM

    As A Teacher I’d like U All To Get TheVac Before Me Cuz I’m Better Protected Only As Much As They Are Just Saying

  • Destiny Emma
    Destiny Emma

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  • patrick buhr
    patrick buhr

    Meat packers that rump insisted keep working with no protection must get u.s. citizenship and their families. Instantly.

  • Bouhhg Z
    Bouhhg Z

    You know - watching this segment has me thinking; with all this bickering we do with each other like opposing terrorist organizations based on political/religious philosophies & such - how IS it we've (and I mean the craziest of 'we") never gone after the owners or CEOs & their 'partners in crime' to make conditions like this a usual thing? - this is absolutely ludicrous. Its like all the laws changed to make work conditions decent back in the 1930s never happened.

  • Darth Kakarot
    Darth Kakarot

    i cant believe this guy is famous... he would rather make the problem worse then lift his finger to help....this is whats wrong with the world.... fuck this guy

  • J O
    J O

    I used to work at a Cargill meat packing plant, one of the Union line workers asked his supervisor for a bathroom break five times over the course of an hour the supervisor yelled and screamed and wouldn't allow him to take a bathroom break. The union rep for that worker came over and also yelled and screamed at the worker to get back to work. The worker was an older man in his 60s or 70s...he tried to hold it but eventually peed his pants. More yelling and screaming at him by the union rep and the supervisor. it was one of the worst human rights violations I've ever seen at that Cargill plant. I will never work for them again.

  • Enesi Majebi
    Enesi Majebi

    Companies need to stop calling employees family. We're tired of it

  • Gabriela Alcantar
    Gabriela Alcantar

    It is really disappointing that just from the beginning of the video you said that the conditions that animals face inside this facilities are terrible, but that they are already "talked enough"... Well no, I couldn't find any single video where you talk about them and how animals are not products to be sold, so let's begin there. I totally understand that workers conditions are so bad as well, but at least this people have a voice to speak up and to act on it. Animals only have their lives and humans still take it away from them. So unfair and so sad that you John Oliver won't dig in this topic because this show is probably supported by sponsors or because your comfort zone and resistance to change won't let you do the changes that are needed for the world to improve in so many aspects, but you probably already know, I wouldn't believe that someone as smart and well prepared like you didn't know about it.

  • George Zupko
    George Zupko

    As disgusting as all of this is, read about the meat packing industry in the 1900s. The book is called "The Jungle" by Upton Sinclair. This book inspired, then President Theodore Roosevelt, to establish the USFDA.

  • Gabriel Mervis
    Gabriel Mervis

    ngl I love this show, but i’ve tried to watch this episode 3 times and fallen asleep twice lmao

  • a krom
    a krom

    When he shuts up about Trump. He's pretty good.

  • William Allende
    William Allende

    What's more disgusting is the sell-out politicians with easy lives that let this happen.

  • Campbell Baylee
    Campbell Baylee

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  • Derek L
    Derek L

    upton sinclair literally wrote the book on this over 100 years ago and it's still this bad

  • Ben Thompson
    Ben Thompson

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  • marty martyn
    marty martyn

    I remember the book published in 2001, Fast Food Nation: the Dark Side of the All-American Meal. It addressed similar issues & food quality in America. Sadly, not much has changed.

  • William Allende
    William Allende

    This would work all well and good if companies hadn't since the time of Reagan being withering down on employees rights by buying legislation, congressman, senators, and presidents.

  • Ka-Pow!

    @ 1:45 We have to protect our Team Members, the meatpacking rep said. Was he one of the ones who lobbied for workers to be ineligible for their unemployment benefits if they believed the workplace was unsafe? Or was he one of the managers who placed bets on which worked would get Covid and die? Fuck that guy, and his industry.

  • Eva & Stu
    Eva & Stu

    OSHA where you at?

  • MsZephyra

    I knew I'd have to brace myself for this one. The blatant disregard for human rights and the extreme injustice and inequality makes my blood boil. We need to get money the hell out of politics NOW to have any hope of decent transparency and accountability.

  • Drew Blank
    Drew Blank

    This is why I kill Butcher and harvest my own meat

  • Sergio Ramos
    Sergio Ramos

    This reminded my of "The Jungle" by Upton Sinclair

  • Mr Drone
    Mr Drone

    So Mr. Oliver if I were a millionaire I would not mind paying $8 a pound for chicken. The person who complains without proposing a solution is just bitching. Please offer a solution instead of complaining. Let's do a thought experiment. Let's say there are 10 workers per line, basically 5 per side of the production line. Because of social distancing there are only two workers per line instead. Is the price of chicken going to go down, remain the same, or go up. Of course the price will increase due to the reduced amount of chickens being produced for consumption. Let's also include the maintenance workers who are present every day and night working who also have to socially distance while working together. Sounds like a contradiction? It is. John wants to complain about the working conditions for people and yet does nothing...... besides complain for a profit. 📈